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Don's Dugout Re-make of the classic Arcade game Dugout
Galaxy Fighter 2 2D front scrolling Arcade shooter with nice graphics
IceBlox Remake of the Classic Arcade game Pengo
PacMan '97 Classic Arcade action with enhanced graphics.
Tail Gunner 3d first person shooter.. simple and fun..
Time Pilot '82 Arcade to Java Conversion.. Near Exact.. Classic
Udder Insanity Milk Cows and Shoot the Cow Tippers! A real riot!
Worm War Highly Addicting game
Warp Near real-time front scrolling shooter.
Warp 1.5 An update to Warp with better graphics and play.

Board Games

Casino & Cards

BlackJack Great BlackJack game.. good graphics and some sound.
Block's BlackJack A good version of BlackJack
Speed Slots Fast paced Slot machine with good graphics.


JBill 2 Stop Bill from installing Wingdows on YOUR Network..


Solitaire Simple marble solitaire game
Rubik Unbound A Rubik's Cube game less complex then VR Magic Cube
VR Magic Cube 3d Rubiks Cube Game..


2d Golf Simple Golf game.. 2d view...
Carpet Golf 3D 3d miniature golf.. three 18 hole courses to chose from..
SabGolf Great Multi-Player Golf Game
Surf H2o Surfing game similar to the California games one.
Voodoo Bowl Football game with skeletons and grave stones.. very fun.


Java Tetris 2.11 Classic most addicting puzzle game ever made..


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